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Below is a sampling of my YouTube channel videos. The many topics covered include Medical Qigong, The Channeled Truth, Conversations With The Higher Mind, Modern Mystic: Conversations in Clarity, Sound Healing, Out of Body Talks along with Interviews & Conversations.

All Medical Qigong Videos

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong Training, Level 1

Medical Qigong Energy Medicine

The Channeled Truth Videos

Being Our True Natural Self

Raven, a Yahyel Hybrid

Reflective Reality

Channeling Videos

Stepping Into Lucid Reality

Be The Director of Your Own Life

Mind, Ego & Strands of Consciousness

Modern Mystic: Conversations in Clarity Videos

The Art of Channeling

Weather, Politics & Healing Today

Getting "Unstuck" in Creative Process

Sound Healing Videos

Acu-Sound Healing Meditations

Heart Resonance Activation

Galactic Activation

Out of Body Videos

OBEs: Out of Body Experiences

OBEs: A Practical Guide

OBEs: “Advanced” Explorations

All Interviews & Conversations Videos

My Psychic Manifesto: OBE Part 1

My Psychic Manifesto: OBE Part 2

Medical Qigong Path of Transformation