Alchemy Series Singing Bowls Group One

Explore our exquisite collection of high-quality singing bowls made in the USA with the finest gemstones, semi-precious stones, and precious metals. Each bowl is crafted with care and precision using pure quartz crystal and blended with the highest quality gemstones, semi-precious stones, and precious metals such as 24-karat gold, silver, and platinum. Experience the healing power of these sonic masterpieces, and add a unique touch to your meditation or sound healing practice today.
Crystal Tones Partner

Crystal Singing Bowls Group One

Crystal Singing Bolws and other sound healing tools are now available through Sumari Healing Arts!
To make an order, please reach out and make contact. These highly specialized healing tools cannot be mass produced, therefore available sizes and notes may vary. I will be happy to write or talk with you about available notes and sizes, and to answer any of your questions. A bit of openness, flexibility, and trust in the synchronicity of what is available will ensure that you get a bowl best suited for you at this time! If you would like to hear the bowls I have in person, please schedule a free no obligation consultation.