Healing Services

I offer personalized healing through acupuncture, sound therapy, medical qigong, consultations, channeling, lifestyle adjustments, and tailored healing practices.

Specialization Courses

Begin your journey with core certification curriculum coursework to become a Medical Qigong Practitioner (MQP) or Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT)

Sound Healing

Using powerful sound resonations, We aim to awaken deep healing potentials within your body-mind, promoting balance and harmony on multiple levels

Channeling Sessions

Connecting to my higher mind I bring through messages of healing, insight, and inspiration specifically for you, including answering any questions you may have.

 Welcome to Sumari Healing Arts. Your place for multidimensional growth and healing.

Healing sessions are available by appointment, as well as group sound healings with energy work and acupuncture, and classes for energetic mastery. You’ll also find some exciting tools in our shop, including powerful sonic healing tools, fantastic supplements to boost physical health, recommended books for out-of-body experiences, emotional healing, medical qigong and Daoist magic, instructions for multidimensional expansion, and a host of other great books. 

What is Sumari?

Sumari is a family of consciousness that works primarily with creativity. Individuals of a Sumari persuasion often introduce new ways of being and new forms of creative expression to the collective whole. 


Discover the impact of my holistic health approach through the voices of satisfied patients and students. Read their testimonials to understand how dedicated care and personalized treatments have helped them achieve optimal well-being.