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Mastery of Energy: Upcoming Classes

Initiate or accelerate your energetic mastery and energy skills with these exciting journeys of personal healing, empowerment, and integration. Then expand your healing skills as you learn to help others. These classes are part of the Medical Qigong certification program. Watch as I explain Medical Qigong and the Medical Qigong Program, or, watch me teaching the first part of Level 1 (P1).
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Upcoming Classes at Five Branches University

Medical Qigong Courses

Five Branches University in San Jose, California
All classes are 9am – 5:30pm, 4 days, 30 hours total
(CEUs available for acupuncturists).

What is Medical Qigong & the Medical Qigong Program?

Medical Qigong Set from Levels 1 & 2

Medical Qigong Level 1 (P1), Part 1 (Teaching Sample)