Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Aqua Aura Marine Gold

Aqua Aura Marine Gold


When the Aqua Gold Marine Bowl is played it creates synergy—a unity that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The resulting increase in mass consciousness makes way for shifting into the oneness.

Regular (w/o handle) Practitioner (w handle)
6” $699
7” $749
8” $849
9” $999
10” $1599
12” $2399
6” $1149
7” $1199
8” $1299
9” $1399​


07 May 2023


Alchemy Series Group 2

Each bowl purchased comes with a rubber O-ring and a high-quality suede mallet/wand.

Extras and Additions

 True Pitch Note or True Tone bowls, if available, are an extra $35. Please note (pun intended) that exact notes are more rare, whereas most bowls vary +/- in frequency.

Heart Chakra (F and F# note) bowls, if available, are an extra $35. These are very popular, and at the same time rare, and take extra care to produce at that exact tone.

Shipping will be calculated once we determine your bowl(s) and you will be charged an exact shipping rate.

Returns for bowls damaged in shipping or otherwise defective are available. Please notify me immediately upon receipt of such a bowl. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Precautions: No medical claims are made about the use of crystal bowls. Crystal Bowls do not replace medical advice. If you experience any health problems you should always consult your regular physician. Do not place a person’s head inside a crystal bowl while playing it. Do not strike or play bowl too loudly, especially near a person’s head. Place bowls at least 12 inches apart, or the vibration may shatter a bowl. Bowls may also shatter if several are playing in a small room. Some have noted discomfort or pain if they have metal pins or stainless steel ball joints. Ask before sounding the bowl.